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Scorpio moon

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used to always act out lesbian sex scenes with my barbies and my sisters polly pockets but i would whisper because i didn’t want my family to hear what i was doing. it would always turn me on i think i was like 10. didn’t really know what sex between 2 girls was like so i would just kinda hit them together

This made me lol irl thank you for this cassidy


That was so beautiful
"who the heck are you?"

name: queosha
middle name(s): jahnelle
height: 5’0”
birthday: nov 12th
favorite color: different purples and blues
best school subjects: science, art, psychology, french
mac or PC: mac
current shirt colour: grey

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@ladygaga: My favorite digital pop star Hatsune Miku is opening The ARTPOP Ball from May 6-June 3! Look at how cute she is!

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